This Week on Board


This week on board:

* We got our land legs back. We have just been at sea for 13 days crossing the Atlantic, don’t ya know

*There was a lot of cleaning,  fixing and drying out.

* We ate at the hot rocks restaurant. We had spent  a lot of time talking and fantasizing about eating at the restaurant in Horta where you cook your  own meal on volcanic rock right at the table!  It totally lived up to our fantasy. Don’t you love when that happens?

*We took part in a Horta tradition. We painted a picture on the dock commemorating our crossing.

*We drove up to the Caldera and went to an amazing Volcano site & museum, Vulcao dos Capelinhos.

*James embraced Portuguese fashion.  The Portuguese are some of the loveliest people on earth but not the most glamorous.

* We saw Pico on fire, every night at sunset.

* We are waiting out the weather, hanging at Peter’s sports and dreaming of Gibraltar.


What did you do this week?  Leave your week in the comments, we love hearing from you!

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