This blog was just hacked.  And because www.sailingondine.com is attached to my twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook accounts, I’ve probably just recommended some loans to you.  Several dozen times.  For the record, I don’t actually think that these loan providers are reputible.   In fact, I’m a 100% loan free guy at the moment (part of the spring cleaning when we sold everything to go sailing).

But First of All: my heartfelt apologies to all of you who had to risk RSI by repeatedly hitting the delete key.   I personally HATE getting spam, and I do *almost* everything I can to avoid it.  But I also love to share things openly and so I left our blog open for anyone to contribute.  Needless to say, the blog is now locked down.  If you’d like to contribute I’ll send you a username and password.  (The couple of hundred of you who already have usernames and passwords are grandfathered in.)

Second of all, a RANT: it pains me when predators take advantage of others openness, lack of security, or naivete.  It feels like someone broke into my house and robbed me.  But that happens too, and both actions go to show the same thing: in life, it is always about the money.

If you get any more SPAM from me after this blog post, please let me know immediately by sending an email to James at sailing ondine dot com (replace the at & dot with symbols and take out the spaces).


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