My List of favorite Moments on Ondine

My List of favorite Moments on Ondine
Alex (age 7)
1. Making potions and catching fish with Ronan on the beach.
2. Playing DSI with Ronana.
3. Swimming in the cave.
4. Swimming from the boat to the shore.
5. Playing Uno with Ronan.
6. Trading Pokeman cards and playing the Pokemon game (with Ronan).

Louisa (age 9)
1. Going to the beach, creating the fairy house, building sandcastles and swimming.
2. Going to the cave, swimming and playing the deserted island game.
3. Reading and chatting with Paloma.
4. Jumping off the back of the boat and swimming through the bottom of the boat.
5. Skinnny dipping with Paloma.
6. Sliding down back (sugar scoop) of boat and telling random stories (with Paloma).
7.  Swimming all the way under the entite boat.
8.  Swimming to the beach from the boat.

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