Going to Delos

One day we went to an island called Delos. It’s known as the birthplace of Apollo and Artimis. We had to take a ferry; it was a very long ride. Then we finally got there. We looked around the ruins. I drew a picture of a mosaic of an anchor.

We also climb on the walls. It was a lot of fun. We went to the ruins of an outdoor theater. Paloma and went up really high on the stairs and sat down, Daddy could talk to us with out yelling or a microphone.

Then we looked for a beach. It was a bit prickly on the way. We found a fender we named it booey. We swam and walked the rest of the way to the beach.

When we got to the beach we had lunch and swam. We all splashed each other but we slashed Daddy the most. Paloma and I       laughed a lot at the beach.


It was almost time for the ferry to leave, so we rushed back. Luckily it was still there. I had a good day at Delos.  :)

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