Change is Awesome

Anyone looking for a great CEO, only very slightly damaged?  James is in United States on our first post Ondine reccy.

It’s an odd feeling to think that the sun is starting to set on our grand adventure and to be contemplating life back on the hard. It feels like time as flown by and simultaneously our life in New York feels like eons ago, being a dirt dweller feels as foreign now as being a live board did last November.

We made a very concise effort to make this a real year out and not make post sailing plans. When people asked what next  we would honesty answer, “ We have no idea”.  But lately “ When we move off the boat” has slipped into our vocabularies.   I am looking forward to not feel nauseous so often. The kids are looking forward to going back to a school where you get to see your friend’s everyday, not just when your wakes cross. James is looking forward to exchanging all the manual labor for a lot more PowerPoint.  I know Mr. Elephante is looking forward to a stiller drier life.

There will be a lot to miss, more than I ever expected. A lovely community of supportive cruises, the sea, the sunsets. Most of all I think I will miss the sense of freedom. Freedom to leave at anytime and go somewhere new. Freedom from imposed schedules. I am now shocked by how much of my time was spent scheduling things or transitioning from one scheduled activity to another. Freedom from a lot of the bureaucracy and forced social interactions that are part life in the big city. Freedom to spend your time with the people you want to spend your time with.

As terrifying as they where in the beginning and as nerve wracking as I still find them, I will miss night-watches. I will miss the time alone with just the stars, the wind and Ondine.

Whatever sadness I will have about giving up this vagabond life at sea is over powered by my curiosity to find out what happens next in the family green story.  I am hoping I will be able to bring some of the freedom and adventure from this chapter into the next

During the Obama campaign I kept buying “change is awesome “ T-shirts and bags. I wondered what appealed to me so much about the slogan. Was it all that tantric yoga, did I really believe it? Or was I just trying to convince myself? One of the great gifts of this year at sea is that I now know for sure, I was right, change is awesome.







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