Yesterday I was struck by the similarity between the beginning of our trip and the ending. I found my self-making popcorn in a seaside resort town that prides it’s self on its Englishness; waiting for James and the next chapter of our lives to begin. Despite all my own good council about a lot life happening in the transitions, I have not escaped the energy sapping feeling of being in purgatory, again.

Of course Didim, Turkey, with its sucky fish spas and English grannies with lots of tatts, is a long way from Bermuda. (I should know, I’ve sailed it)

We are staying in an apartment in Altinkum a seaside resort area that caters to English tourists, James refers to as butlins in Turkey. I admire the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial sprite that the Turks bring to giving their visitors what they want. Although I wouldn’t mind a little cultural arrogance if it meant I could get some really good Turkish food and experience a little more ottoman empire and a little less Blackpool.

It’s not all egg and chips, we got fresh yogurt and honey comb at the lovely Saturday market and we’ve found a restaurant in the center of Didim that serves only Turkish food. We had a good time at the amusement park, Luna Park; the crazy dance is really crazy.

The kids have made friends with an ice cream vendor on the boardwalk and he gives them extra big servings. The beach is just outside our door and we have great view of the sea from our balcony. The beach it’s self is not that enticing for children who have lived on a boat for a year, it’s sallow and crowd with people, and cigarette butts.

We mainly hang out in the apartment, reading, writing and doing math on khan academy, eating popcorn and looking forward to Adventure time. Not terribly exciting but not terribly exciting maybe just what we need right now, before taking the next big leap. Even purgatory had it benefits.



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