The Family Green

James Green
Wannabe Captain. Most experience sailor. But wouldn’t be if there was someone else with any sailing experience on board. Working at rolling his sleeves up and being a handy man. But really more experienced at selling, working behind a computer screen or hiring people and telling them what to do. And of course, Emma-Kate’s husband and Paloma and Ronan’s Dad.

Emma-Kate Croghan
Film Director, ever tolerant wife of James Green. Hardy Australian woman with no sailing experience. Not entirely clear why she puts up with James, perhaps that’ll become clear as we write about our experiences. Or perhaps seeing it all in black-and-white will blow everything apart. Oh yes: and did I mention that Emma-Kate gets sea-sick? She gets max points for being up for any adventure. And of course she’s Paloma and Ronan’s Mum.

Of course the most important crew members are:

Paloma Green
Aged 10.  Budding sailor.  Very excited to be getting her own cabin and quitting school for a year. Wants us to move to Syndey Australia once we’re done.  And she wants us to sail there!!!  We’ll see….

Ronan Green
Aged 7.  Not Really sure about all this. Very unhappy not to be taking all his toys onto the boat. And would rather continue to share a room with his sister. All this being alone is a little bit of an anathema to him. But hey: he’ll get through it. Won’t he?

And that’s it. Other than the various guests, crew and interlopers who will join us along the way. Hope you will be one of them!

If you’d like to contact us, please e-mail us at:

James at FamilyGreen dot com, ekc at emma-kate dot com,  Paloma at FamilyGreen dot com or Ronan at FamilyGreen dot com

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