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  • youve_got_mail

    Letter from a friend

    I had lunch with a  friend of mine: Matt Davidge, when I was in New York, and afterwards, he wrote me this e-mail.  I think it stands alone as an awesome post.  It’s one of the best letters I’ve ever received.  Thanks Matt!

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  • fi

    My List of favorite Moments on Ondine

    My List of favorite Moments on Ondine Alex (age 7) 1. Making potions and catching fish with Ronan on the beach. 2. Playing DSI with Ronana. 3. Swimming in the cave. 4. Swimming from the boat to the shore. 5. Playing Uno with Ronan. 6. […]

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  • I expected this

    Captain Jimmy

    When I told daddy I wanted to go sailing I expected this: And although I was disappointed to find out that ONDINE wasn’t equipped with cannons I still think I made a pretty good pirate:   The wenches on board were accommodating:   And our […]

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  • _DSC6212

    Sailing Lessons

    In 2005 we met Emma-Kate and James in New York and we never saw them again until the day we rocked up, tiny toddlers in tow, at Marina del Sole in Cagliari.  They seemed happy enough for us to sail with them across the Tyrrhenian […]

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  • Day One

    The Atlantic Crossing: Departure

    DAY ONE: May 5th.   My Birthday. Cinco de Mayo.  The beginning of my 50th year on the planet.  I’m 49 years old today.   We get up at dawn to weigh anchor and head over to the Royal Navy Dockyard which is where all the cruise […]

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  • Richard Blog

    Visiting Ondine

    Sitting here on Sunday night in Bermuda Airport, I’m pondering that it’s exactly 7 days and 839 nautical miles since I joined Ondine at Virgin Gorda. Exactly 7 days before that Grant first mentioned Ondine to me, standing outside the Highbury Barn pub in London […]

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  • Hello

    Hello lovely lady!

    Hi, I’ve never posted a post or read a blog in my life! This is a true FIRST. Working with Stuart mac d on Spirited 2, made the historical connection and he sent me link to your site. Jez and I have been PORING over […]

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  • Ondine video

    Launch Party video

    Whether you made it or not to the cold November night when we “left” Manhattan, you should check out this video put together by Gary Philip and his crew over at EMD Agency (  Featuring all members of the Family Green, and speceial guest appearances […]

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  • Ondine at sea

    Videos from Ondine

    Here are a couple of videos that we took on the way down south. They are very short clips. I think we can do better in the future as all three add up to less than sixty seconds, but this’ll give you a feel for […]

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  • David Uprichard

    Bermuda to Antigua – Thanksgiving week 2010

    A while back, James casually asked me if I (along with my kids) would like to join him on his sailing trip from Bermuda to Antigua. I’m firmly of the opinion that,in life, if at all possible, it’s exactly one of those offers that one […]

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