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  • Ondine going to Dry_Dock

    Now this is not the end

    It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Churchill was referring to the changing tide of the Second World War after vanquishing German troops in Egypt.   I’m using it because Ondine is on dry dock, […]

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  • Ondine's Wake

    Wind me up

    We sailed from Naxos to Amorgos today.   Before we left, I looked at the weather forecast, plotted the course accordingly and left with two reefs in the main as the meltemi (the local north wind) was forecast to blow at 20-25 knots and that usually […]

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  • James Contrasts


    One minute you are diving into the ocean wondering how to frolic through the day. The next you are diving through a throng of people wearing a suit and wondering whether you’ll find suitable employment. Which one would you rather be doing?  Yeah: we’ll I’ve […]

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  • Delos


    Today we visited Delos, I haven’t been since I was a kid, but I am pleased to say that it is still as I remember it: probably the best, most-intact set of ancient Greek ruins in the world.  Delos is a VERY special place.   I […]

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  • IMGP1132

    Greece: a brief political observation

    Greece, I grew up visiting here as a kid in the 1960s and 1970s (yes, I am that old).   I’ve always loved it, and the Greece I love is still here.  Of course the Greece that makes the headlines these days is the Greece whose […]

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  • hacked


    This blog was just hacked.  And because www.sailingondine.com is attached to my twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook accounts, I’ve probably just recommended some loans to you.  Several dozen times.  For the record, I don’t actually think that these loan providers are reputible.   In fact, I’m a […]

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  • Featured Image

    Greek Drama

    Or as Emma-Kate said more accurately: rudderless in Zakynthos. After zooming 6,000 nautical miles to Greece, we finally arrived in the Peloponnese in the island of Zakynthos on June 30th at 2am.   We dropped the anchor just around the corner from the main port of […]

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  • Ondine swimming

    We’ve arrived in Greece!

    We’ve been pressing onward to Greece with an unwavering sense of purpose and everything else has taken second place.  We’ve not been blogging or exploring as much, but we have been doing one hell of a lot of sailing: about six thousand miles or more […]

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  • Whale Back

    Whales in the Med

    Whales in the Med I had no idea that there were whales in the med, but today we saw some.   Forgive the TERRIBLE pictures.    But this is all I could grab.     There were two of them and they had a huge shark-like dorsal […]

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  • James with Rock in Gib


    So we’ve been saying we sailed to Gibraltar, but you know, its not true. Sure, we crossed through the straits, and we had every intention of mooring in Gibraltar.  Hell, we’d already reserved a space in Queensway Quay Marina.  When we took down the sails […]

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