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  • dad

    Oswald Ivor “Jim” Green: Nov 1st, 1920 – Feb 13th, 2011

    My father died today. It’s been expected. I had a chance to go back and see him when we knew the end was near. He’s had Mantel Cell Lymphoma and although he “kicked it” when it first showed up five years ago, it came knocking […]

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  • Ronan's Collage

    Happy to be Sad

    Let me introduce you to my blog post.  There are some things that I like about sailing.  And some things that I miss about New York City.  I like swimming and I like snorkeling. But I also like playing in the snow. I like gong […]

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  • She still loves me

    Leaving Dominica was tough

    Gosh it was hard to leave Dominica.  We met so many great people.  Had a great time.  And every time we tried to leave, something kept us back.  Once we decided to leave: Day 1: My diving accident (more details here: Day 2: I […]

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  • SPFI

    Martinique At Last.

    We made it to France in time for my birthday!  Which means baguettes and Nutella for the kids and good wine and champers to celebrate my 39th year with . Yay! But we only just made it. Dominica didn’t want to let us go. On […]

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  • feature

    {this moment}

    {this moment} – A Friday ritual via soulemama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to […]

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  • Ronan in tube

    Towels & Tubing

    We almost missed the tubing.  So we had to go zooming on the dinghy.   And once we got to the dock, my Dad forgot the radio, so he went to get it.  And then he forgot the car keys.  So he had to go back […]

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  • Blood-Shot Eyes


    I love physics. Particles that are waves. Objects that bend space. Tiny little things that occupy more than the 4 dimensions we can understand. But right now, physics is giving me a headache. First off, I’m proud chalk one more up for the good guys […]

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  • F he's back

    He’s Back!

    He’s back, he’s back.  Paloma baked brownies and they both made signs and gosh it’s nice to have him back on board. He came bearing gifts.  Ronan got more of his beloved Bad Kitty and Bone books. And that’s the last we heard from him. […]

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  • me

    When The Captain Was Away.

    James is on his way back to us yay !! Everything about having to be away has been horrible for James. With one small exception: I have been forced to take charge of the aspects of boat living that I usually try to avoid like […]

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  • FI SRT

    Setting the Record Straight

    Paloma would like me to set the record straight. She was not nearly swept out to sea because of a lack of skill on her part. It was equipment failure. Sea Leaf’s dagger board (a plank of wood that sticks out the bottom of the […]

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