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    Swept Away

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 4:45 am I am woken up by the wind, it’s howling. Ondine is anchored off a beach called, Agios Prokopis, on the island of Naxos in Greece. Captain James is not on board, he’s  in New York.  My biggest fear when […]

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  • FI

    This Week on Board

      This week on Board: *We sailed through the Corinth Canal to the Aegean. *We took thermal baths in Loutra on the island of Kythnos. *We felt the power of the Meltemi.  Even losing some clothes to it, oops. *We dropped off Lisa and Dave […]

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  • Azores

    The Azores

    The Azores were COMPLETELY different than I imagined them. First of all they were cold! The water temperature just broke the sixties. So no swimming for yours truly. Though I did see the locals getting wet. (Crazy!) Blustery and windswept are two words that come […]

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  • A-Puppy-mill-dog-against-puppy-mills-9652090-450-300

    A Dogs Life

    Chapter 6 The Finder Yawn, I got up Swift-Tail was still asleep. I stepped outside and there was a… I got up with a start to the sound of Quick-Eye barking outside. I ran outside to join her and there it was a… Suman! I […]

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  • Compressor

    What a Day!

    Just when I thought I was on top of everything. I haven’t been blogging much because quite frankly good news is so much less interesting that bad news. The weather’s been great. We’ve made some new friends. Ondine has been behaving herself. And generally the […]

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  • Port a Pitre Market

    Vivre La France

    We’re now in Guadeloupe, our first French island. I am excited to be in a French island for one reason and one reason only: The Food! I had a fantasy of our trip through the islands also being a gastronomic adventure. A fantasy filled with […]

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  • David Uprichard

    Bermuda to Antigua – Thanksgiving week 2010

    A while back, James casually asked me if I (along with my kids) would like to join him on his sailing trip from Bermuda to Antigua. I’m firmly of the opinion that,in life, if at all possible, it’s exactly one of those offers that one […]

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  • Dophin Splash

    The worst or the best passage?

    Finally we’re on land. You would feel the same way if you got seasick or even went on a passage. We just finished our passage from Bermuda to Antigua. It took us 6 days to get to Antigua! I got seasick witch made it very […]

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  • _DSC1427

    Half Way There

    Half Way There: and several illusions go up in smoke. I’m writing this post from Ondine at LAT 37 degrees north, LON 68 degrees west.  For those of you that don’t want to look that up (everyone, including me), I’m about half way between Manhattan […]

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  • iceland 2

    The Call to Adventure

    Here is my dirty secret, my confession. I’m not much of sailor, and I don’t love it. My best sailing skill is making cocktails.

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