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  • Compressor

    What a Day!

    Just when I thought I was on top of everything. I haven’t been blogging much because quite frankly good news is so much less interesting that bad news. The weather’s been great. We’ve made some new friends. Ondine has been behaving herself. And generally the […]

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  • dad

    Oswald Ivor “Jim” Green: Nov 1st, 1920 – Feb 13th, 2011

    My father died today. It’s been expected. I had a chance to go back and see him when we knew the end was near. He’s had Mantel Cell Lymphoma and although he “kicked it” when it first showed up five years ago, it came knocking […]

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  • Knives FI

    I am so going to get arrested

    Tomorrow I fly back to Ondine.  I’ve been in Vancouver to see my Father who is gravely ill.   But I’m not ready to write about that yet.  The crew have asked me to bring a variety of goodies back from Canada, through the US, via […]

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  • lymphoma

    Anchor Watch

    We are currently at Anchor in Iles-des-Saints, which is a small group of islands that are just south of and part of Guadeloupe (France).   Although we were planning on coming here at some point, we were not planning on arriving today. Earlier today, we […]

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