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  • Delos


    Today we visited Delos, I haven’t been since I was a kid, but I am pleased to say that it is still as I remember it: probably the best, most-intact set of ancient Greek ruins in the world.  Delos is a VERY special place.   I […]

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  • JG Ski

    Best moment in 2011 (so far)

    My favorite moment of 2011 happened today.  And it’s really my favorite moment because all of the following things came together at the same moment.  J O Y !! 1.  It all starts innocently enough: I get a call from my Emma-Kate on my mobile […]

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  • Sailing Away from Antigua

    Goodbye Antigua

        Picts Emma-Kate and Paloma took as we sailed away from Antigua towards Guadalope.  The guys are me and Chase.  Rowan and Chase helped us sail from Westbrook to Bermuda and we met up with them again in Antigua and they joined us to […]

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