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  • This Week On Board

    This Week On Board

    This week on Board: *We missed James. (I find it hard to sleep when he is away) * I used my sleepless hours to make a tote out of plastic bags. * Cece came to stay! * We played a lot of Uno * I […]

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  • fi

    My List of favorite Moments on Ondine

    My List of favorite Moments on Ondine Alex (age 7) 1. Making potions and catching fish with Ronan on the beach. 2. Playing DSI with Ronana. 3. Swimming in the cave. 4. Swimming from the boat to the shore. 5. Playing Uno with Ronan. 6. […]

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  • Speed Records & Waterspouts

    It’s only the Atlantic Ocean, but I like it, like it, yes I do.

    DAY FIVE, May 9th: Waterspouts. Brett wakes me up in the morning.  There are low hanging thunder clouds in the sky everywhere. He had looked off the port stern and pointed to Steve and said.  “WHAT THE *$%! IS THAT?!”. Steve: “I think you’d better […]

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